How to: Set-up Votifier to allow voting

How-To Install Votifier:

Once you have installed Votifier (You can find out how to install plugins here: [link coming soon]) you can proceed to stop your server, if not done already.

- Log-on to your servers FTP file access, this can either be done via a FTP client ( or via your "Files" tab in Mutlicraft.
- Navigate the Votifier plugin folder, which should be plugins/votifier
- Open the Configuration file (config.yml)
- You will see a "port" number, you will need to change this from the default 8192 port becuase somebody else most likely chose that already. Set it to any 4 digit number above 1024. I.e 1082
- Press save and exit the text editor. 
- Now start up your server.

If you see any errors about a port, change your port number to a different 4 digit number.

Useful links: (Editing files with Notepad++) (Using FileZilla)

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