How to: Use FileZilla as a FTP client

This guide will explain how to efficiently use FileZilla, which is a very popular FTP Client. We recommend you use this as Multicraft limits you to only 2MB when you upload files.
I. Download and install the necessary programs
1. Download the FileZilla client (NOT the server version) at
Select “Run” when prompted to run or save. This will install FileZilla.
1a) Filezilla is what you will be using to access FTP
2. Download Notepad++, a Windows only program, at
Select “Run” when prompted to run or save. This will install Notepad++
2a) Notepad++ will be used to edit files both on your local drive and on FileZilla
2b) Notepad++ is necessary because it allows use of YML formatting, the formatting that most Minecraft plugin configurations use
2c) Use the default install settings for Notepad++ in order to create the YML file association.
II. Connect to your server via FileZilla
1. Check your email for your FTP information. You will need:
1a) Host (The IP of your server)
1b) Username
1c) Password
2. Open the FileZilla Site Manager by navigating to File (in the top right corner) and selecting Site Manager. Click “New Site”. 
2a) Leave the Port field blank, or put 21. Either one works.
2b) Change your login type from Anonymous to Normal in order to enter your login credentials.
3. Enter the appropriate information into the appropriate fields.
4. If this was done correctly, you should now see the files and folders of your local drive on the left, and those of the server on the right. The text near the top of the page will be referred to as the FileZilla log.
III. Edit your files using Notepad++
1. Navigate through both your local drive and the server drive as you normally would on your computer.
1a) Note that double-clicking files on your computer will upload them to the server. Double-clicking files on the server will download them to your computer.
1b) In other words, you generally should only double-click on folders in order to open them, not files.
2. Right-click the file (usually config.yml) on the server you wish to edit, and select “View / Edit”
2a) If any program other than Notepad++ opens the file, see section I.2c of this guide
3. Edit the file to your liking
3a) Remember to use spaces, not tabs, when editing YML files
4. Save the file by navigating to the File dropdown menu and selecting Save.
4a) Do not select “Save As”
5. Close Notepad++ or merely switch windows back to FileZilla, either one works. When prompted whether or not to upload the changed file back to the server, select “Yes”
5a) It does not matter whether or not you choose to “finish editing and delete local file.”
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