Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: 14th September 2018

  • A Brief Introduction

    We are very confident in the reliability of the service we provide with a proven track record of over 5 years. We understand firsthand how crucial it is for an online service to maintain high-availability, which is why we provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to cover our clients in the event of a service disruption. The following services of ours are covered by this Service Level Agreement: Minecraft server hosting, Minecraft Pocket Edition server hosting, TeamSpeak server hosting.

    SLA Coverage

    Our SLA only applies to the following types of interruptions:

    • Network - We guarantee 100% network availability to all applicable services. If at any time our service does not maintain this agreement for 5 consecutive minutes, the affected service will be covered by our SLA.
    • Hardware - We guarantee our physical machines will be able to supply service at all times for all applicable services. If at any time our machines are not able to maintain this agreement for 5 consecutive minutes, the affected service will be covered by our SLA.
    • Denial of Service Attack (DoS/DDoS) - We guarantee protection against all types of Denial of Service attacks. If we are unable to mitigate a denial of service attack within 5 minutes, the affected service will be covered by our SLA.

    SLA Limitations

    Our SLA does not apply under the following circumstances.

    • Planned Maintenance - Occasionally we need to performance maintenance on our services that may result in temporary downtime. We announce all planned maintenance in advance via email or on our website.
    • Software error/failures - Software is not within the scope of our service. Therefore we do not cover errors, crashes or any service interruptions caused by software.
    • Interruptions caused by the client - We do not cover issues caused by the client such as installing third-party files and software or custom scripts.
    • Exceeding allocated resources - Interruptions due to the affected service using more resources than available are not covered.
    • Circumstances beyond our control - Force majeure or any act of God which results in failure of service.

    Non-Compliance Claims

    In the event of non-compliance, the client will be compensated as per the terms below.

    • For every minute of downtime, Shockbyte will provide an equivalent extension to the affected service, rounded up to the nearest day.
    • To receive service compensation, the client must create an SLA claim via support ticket from their authorised client account.
    • SLA claims must be submitted within one week (seven days) of the outage.
    • All SLA claims will be investigated. The outcome of such claims will be decided at the sole discretion of Shockbyte.
    • Any SLA claims we deem to be fraudulent will be rejected.
    • We deserve the right to deny SLA claims if we believe the client has purposely attempted to cause a service disruption to claim against our SLA (e.g: if we believe the client was involved in initiating a denial of service attack against their own service).
    • This SLA is only valid for direct clients of Shockbyte. Shockbyte is not liable for downtime caused by any reseller of it's services.


    • Shockbyte reserves the right to amend or vary the terms of our SLA at any time. Any changes will be reflected immediately on this page.

    Contact Us

    • If you require any clarification of our SLA or have any questions, please contact us.