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Automatic Updates

Auto File Validation

Scheduled Restarts

Automatic Backups

Fully Configurable

Full FTP Access

Control Panel

100% Uptime

DDoS Protection

24/7 Support

Global Locations

Self-Serve Guides

Low Latency

Server Console

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Play Palworld Multiplayer!

Befriend and tame mysterious creatures called Pals in a monster-collecting survival game called Palworld! Craft, build, fight, and even tame boss Pals in the brand new multiplayer survival game Palworld. With Palworld server hosting you can get back to managing your Pal factories and spend less time managing your server!

Unlock the full potential of a Palworld dedicated server with Shockbyte, as we will grant you complete access to all configuration options and the ability to modify the full settings of your server. Players can change the server player count to play with 4, 12, or 32 players, and have far more control than a self-hosted world.

Shockbyte's 24/7 support team is able to help you with any issues you'll have with your Palworld server hosting and our self-serve knowledgebase articles should let you conquer nearly any challenge on your own to customize your Palworld dedicated server. Get back to collecting Pals with friends and fighting Bosses!

Palworld FAQ

Why should I choose Shockbyte as my Palworld server hosting provider?

We offer many more features and utilize more powerful hardware than any of our competitors, giving you a wider range of price plans than many of them as well. Shockbyte has been hosting servers since 2013 and with a decade of hosting, hundreds of thousands of customers servered, and more than a million servers hosted, we make multiplayer gaming great.

We're so positive you'll enjoy your Palworld server hosting experience with Shockbyte that we are happy to provide a full money back guarantee. If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, just contact our support team within 72 hours for a full refund. All we ask is that you let us know why so we can further improve our service and make Palworld server hosting better for everyone.

In addition, if you have been having issues with over Palworld server hosting providers and would like to transfer to Shockbyte, we have a free FTP file migration service for server owners so you can get your Palworld server setup just as quickly on Shockbyte instead.

If you’re still not sure, just take a look at the thousands of positive reviews from our customers on Trustpilot.

palworld a group of pals playing together

How do I create a Palworld server?

If you're tired of the Palworld official servers and looking to customize your gaming experience, you're probably interested in how to create a Palworld dedicated server with your friends. Shockbyte has made it extremely easy to host a Palworld server instantly. Once you purchase your Palworld dedicated server, you will automatically receive an email with all of your server and login information.

Here you can control every aspect of your Palworld private server. You have direct access to your server files, and can make it a public server if you so choose. Once you login, just start up your server and play with your friends.

Players who are interested in Palworld server hosting will find Shockbyte’s support team and servers to be far more reliable and easy than doing it yourself.

palworld machinery factory on a multiplayer server

Kan ik mijn server later nog aanpassen of wijzigen?

Je kan op elk moment je pakket upgraden of downgraden via ons klantenpaneel. Vanaf dat je je bestelling hebt geplaatst, wordt het pakket van je server automatisch meteen veranderd. Er raken geen bestanden of instellingen verloren bij het upgraden, je server zal gewoon veranderen naar het nieuwe pakket dat je hebt geselecteerd.

Onze klanten variëren van server eigenaren zonder ervaring tot grootschalige server netwerken met honderden spelers. Met Shockbyte, is er geen limiet op hoe groot je server kan worden.

Dit is mijn eerste game server, kan je me helpen als ik vast raak?

Onze klantendienst is 24/7 beschikbaar om te helpen met elke server hosting vraag. Kom gewoon eens langs bij onze Live Chat (rechtsonder de pagina) of maak een ticket als we met iets kunnen helpen.

We hebben ook veel tutorials beschikbaar die helpen bij elk aspect van het beheren van je eigen server, die bijna alle vragen bevatten.

Als dit de eerste keer is dat je een server huurt, raden we je aan om onze YouTube tutorials te bekijken en onze Knowledgebase te lezen.