How to Add Mods to Your ARK Server

All mods from the Steam workshop are supported by Shockbyte's ARK server hosting. If you wish to add mods to your ARK server - this is the guide for you! ARK mods can add new creatures & enemies, custom structures, custom features and more.

Before adding mods, we recommend that you backup your server.

Finding Steam Workshop Mods

Find the Mod IDs of each mod you wish to install on the Steam Workshop.

  1. Browse the steam workshop and find a mod you would like to use. You can find the Steam Workshop for ARK at:
  2. Once you have found the mod you wish to install,  you can find the Mod ID in the URL of the web page for the mod.
  3. Copy the numbers as the end of the URL - this is the Mod ID that you will need to paste into your server config.

    Example URL:

    In the example above, the Mod ID would be 1785800853.

Not sure what mods to add? Take a look at our article listing the Best ARK Mods.

Adding Steam Workshop Mods To Your Ark Server

You can install ARK mods to your server by adding the Steam Workshop Mod IDs to your server's file.

  1. Access your control panel and Stop your server. 
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Click ARK Server Settings.
  4. Enter the Workshop ID of your desired mods in the Active Mods field. If installing multiple mods separate each ID with a ,.

    For example, if we are installing the mod from the previous section, as well as a mod with the ID 123456, we would enter the following: 1785800853,123456
  5. Save and Start your server.
Warning: Make sure not to add any spaces between the mod IDs and the commas to avoid potential issues.
If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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