How to Import a World Using Multiverse-Core

We have a video tutorial on how to import a world into your Minecraft server:


Multiverse-Core is an all-in-one worlds management plugin for servers. Aside from generating new worlds, running and managing multiple active worlds, controlling access to these worlds and other things, Multiverse-Core also allows you to easily import existing / custom worlds into your server so that you can load and access these alongside your server's default world. 

Before importing a world, you must have Multiverse-Core installed in your server. You may directly download the plugin from it's official page: Multiverse-Core. We also have a guide on how to install plugins here: How to Install Plugins on Your Minecraft Server

Once you have successfully installed Multiverse-Core, follow the steps below to import a world into your server:

  1. Using an FTP client like FileZilla, upload the world folder into your server's root directory. This is the same location where your existing world folder is.

    NOTE: The world you upload must NOT have the same folder name as any of your existing server worlds or it overwrite these.
    Upload additional world

  2. Enter the command /mv import <world_name> <environment_type> into your console. If you are importing a regular overworld, the environment type will be NORMAL

    Import command
    *In this example, we're using the command in the console so the / is not included before the command.

That's it! Your console should look similar to the one below once you've successfully imported your world. A similar alert will display in the chat when using the command in-game.

Import complete

Learn more about how the import command works from the Multiverse-Core wiki page here: Multiverse-Core -Import Command

If you would like to upload and use a custom world as your server's main world, check out this tutorial instead: Upload and Use a Custom World

Note: You can make feature requests or bug reports directly to Multiverse Core's developers if you're having a bug that's caused by the plugin and not user/server error on their Bukkit page.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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