How to Set Up the Biomes O' Plenty Mod

Biomes O' Plenty is an expansive biome mod for Minecraft that adds lots of new biomes to your worlds, including new blocks, plants, and more. 

Note: You can't add Biomes O'Plenty to an existing world, you must start on a new world if you wish to use this mod. This guide will outline how to do that if you already have a world and want to start fresh! 

If you haven't yet installed the mod to your server, you should first follow our guide for that. When doing this make sure the Biomes O' Plenty version matches your Forge version. Once the mod is properly installed, follow the steps below.


  1. Make sure your server is offline in Multicraft, then head to 'Files' on the left hand side of your control panel, then click 'Config Files'.
  2. Open your 'Server Settings' and find the 'level-type' option. This should be set to 'default'. 
  3. Change 'default' to 'BIOMESOP' if you're running Forge 1.12 or lower, and to 'biomesoplenty' if you're on 1.15 Forge or above. This is capital sensitive, so copy them exactly as they are written here.

  4. Hit 'Save' and head back to the main page of your control panel. 
  5. This is where you need to set up a new world, and the easiest way to do this is to change the name next to the 'World' box and hit save. 

  6. Start your server! 

That's it! Once your server has booted up you should have a new world with the Biomes O' Plenty biomes.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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