How to Pair the Rust+ Mobile App with Your Server

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Rust+ is the official Rust companion app that allows you to pair servers you play on with the app on your phone. You can view the server status, chat with other players, view the map and more.

Setup and Pair Rust+

  1. Download the Rust+ app on your phone (iOS, Android). Push Notifications must be enabled for the app.
  2. Submit a support ticket requesting an additional port. An extra port number above 10000 must be allocated to your server.
  3. In your server.cfg file in /server/my_server_identity/cfg/server.cfg, set app.port to the new port number you were provided and set app.publicip to your Server IP (not including the port). You will need to add these settings if they do not already exist. To do this, just add the following new lines, with the port you were provided, and your Server's IP.

    • If the file still has not been generated, you can create it yourself. Navigate to Files > FTP File Access > server > my_server_identity > cfg and click New File on the left side of the screen. Create a file titled server.cfg.

      app.port 12345


      Configuring app.port in server.cfg for Rust+

      • Restart your server.
      • Once your server is back online, join your server and press Esc to open the menu, then select Rust+.
      • If it worked correctly, you should see a Pair with Server button appear - click it. Otherwise, press refresh (sometimes you need to restart both the game and the mobile app).
        Rust+ mobile app pair with server button.

      • You will either receive a push notification on your phone, or if the app is open you should see your server appear, and will be able to press Pair Server on your phone.
        Pair with server Rust+ mobile app push notification.

That's it! The app should now be connected successfully.

You can find additional information about setting up the Rust+ companion app for Rust servers on the Wiki.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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