Rust Admin Commands List

Here is a list of all commands for Rust.

Note: Some commands listed here may only work with an RCON console. If the command does not work in-game, try running it via RCON. You can find our RCON guide here.
  • Commands identified with an asterisk (*) are only available via RCON.
  • This guide explains how to find a player's SteamID for commands that require it.
Syntax Accepted Values Description Notes
admin.mutevoice "player" player name/Steam64 ID Prevent a player from speaking in-game *
admin.unmutevoice "player" player name/Steam64 ID Allow a player to speak in-game *
admin.mutechat "player" player name/Steam64 ID Prevent a player from sending messages via in-game chat *
admin.unmutechat "player" player name/Steam64 ID Allow a player to send messages via in-game chat *
chat.say "text" string Prints your text in the chat  
craft.add [id] Item ID Add an item to your crafting queue You must have the appropriate items in your inventory
craft.cancel [id] Item ID Cancel the crafting task of the specified item  
craft.canceltask   Cancel the item currently being crafted  
entity.debug_lookat   Enable debugging for the entity you are looking at  
entity.find_entity [entity] Entity name Find the position of all entities with the provided name  
entity.find_group [entity_group] Entity group name Find the position of all entity groups with the provided name  
entity.find_id [id] Entity ID Find the position of an entity with the given ID  
entity.find_parent   Find the position of all parent entities  
entity.find_radius [radius] Integer Find the position of all entities in the given radius  
entity.find_self   Find the position of the player entity  
entity.find_status [status] Entity status Find an entity with the given status  
entity.spawn [entity] Entity name Spawn an entity where you are looking  
entity.spawnat [entity] [worldPos] Entity name/position Spawn an entity at the specified position in the world  
entity.spawnhere [entity] [distance] Entity name/integer Spawn an entity nearby at the specified distance away from the player  
entity.spawnitem [entity] Entity item name Spawn an item in the world  
env.addtime 0-24 Integer between 0-24 Fast-forward time by the specified number of hours  
gc.collect   Collect the garbage dump  
global.ban "player" "reason" player name Ban a player from the game "reason" is optional
global.banid "player" "reason" Steam64 ID Ban a player from the game by Steam ID "reason" is optional
global.banlist   Displays a list of banned users  
global.banlistex   Displays a list of banned users with reasons and usernames  
global.kick "player" player name/Steam64 ID Kick a player from the server  
global.kickall "reason"   Kick everyone from the game "reason" is optional
global.listid   Displays a list of banned users by ID  
global.moderatorid "id" Steam64 ID Make a player a server moderator AuthLevel 1, (Moderator)
global.ownerid "id" Steam64 ID Make a player a server owner AuthLevel 2, (Admin)
global.players   Prints out currently connected players  
global.quit()   Leave the game  
global.removemoderator "id" Steam64 ID Remove a moderator  
global.removeowner "id" Steam64 ID Remove an owner      
global.restart   Restart the server with a 300 seconds warning at 5 second intervals  
global.say "text" string Sends a message to all players in chat  
global.status   Prints out currently connected players and server stats Only available for admins
global.unban "id" Steam64 ID Unban a player from the game  
global.users()   Shows user info for players on server      
server.backup   Backup the server folder  
server.readcfg   Load server config   Force a save-game  
server.start   Starts a server  
server.stop   Stops a server  
server.writecfg   Save all config changes  
weather.rain [value] Value between 0 and 1.0, 0 is none, 1.0 is 100% Set the rain factor in the server Using anything other than a valid value will set it to auto
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