How to Enable PvP on Your Valheim Server

Despite being a PvE-focused game, Valheim still offers you the ability to fight other players. This PvP aspect of the game is restricted to duel-style engagements, where both sides must consent in order to engage in a PvP fight.

It’s worth noting that if you lose a PvP fight (by dying), the same rules of death apply as normal - you will still lose your entire inventory, so be careful to only PvP with people you trust.

How to Enable PvP

It’s worth noting that you can only enable PvP for yourself. The player you wish to PvP against will also need to follow these steps for the PvP to work.

  1. Join the server you wish to PvP on.
  2. Open your inventory (TAB key by default).
  3. At the very top right, click the 2 swords so that they become crossed (a message will appear in the middle of the screen saying PvP-Damage Enabled).

  4. PvP is now enabled! Get your opponent to do the same to start the dual.

Disabling PvP is done the same way, only this time the swords will become uncrossed.

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