Changing Your Plugins Directory for Sponge

SpongeForge is a mod that allows you to run Sponge plugins alongside your Forge mods, with much better compatibility than SpigotForge server-types, and is the most popular system to use for 1.12.2 servers today.

One of the differences between Sponge and Spigot is how plugins are initially stored. Sponge stores plugins inside of the /mods folder, whereas Spigot stores them inside of /plugins. This can be very confusing for those migrating over, but we have this article to help you out!

Note: This tutorial also works for the SpongeVanilla server type. Any of the values changed in this tutorial can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Changing your Plugins Directory For Sponge

  1. Stop your server, and then login to your server’s FTP using the details provided on the Multicraft panel. (Related Video: How to Use & Install FileZilla for Your Minecraft Server)
  2. Once logged in, navigate to config/sponge/.
  3. Open up global.conf with your preferred text editor.
  4. Navigate to the sponge > general section of the configuration. This should be approximately around line 275.
  5. Update the plugins-dir setting to match the below format.
  6. Start up your server, and your plugins will now launch from the /plugins directory!

If you wish to do the same for the plugin config folders (by default, these will be inside of the /config folder), you can follow the same steps, but change the config-dir setting instead.

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