How to Install & Setup TShock on Your Terraria Server

TShock is an invaluable tool for running servers. Supporting the latest version of Terraria, TShock offers many server management features such as banning, kicking, permissions and much more that will allow you to manage your server from in-game. On top of all this it also has support for plugins, allowing you to customise your server even further!

How to Install TShock

As TShock is only a server-side modification, you will only need to install it onto your server.

  1. Navigate to your Server's Control Panel at
  2. Stop your server, if it isn't already.
  3. Scroll down to the Server Type selection.
  4. Click on the current Server Type, and then select TShock.
  5. Start your server at least once to generate the new server files.

Setting up TShock

Warning: After you install TShock onto your server, your server console will no longer respond to commands, and all commands must be done in-game. This is a known issue with TShock and may be fixed by them in a future release.

After TShock is installed for the first time, you will need to set it up so that it recognises you as the owner of server.

  1. Start your server for the first time and wait for the world to fully generate.
  2. Look at your server console and look for the line that reads To setup the server, join the game and type /setup xxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is a random number).
  3. Next, launch Terraria and login to your server. If you need assistance with this, check out our guide on how to join your server here:
  4. Copy & Paste the command from above into the in-game chat (Press "Enter" on your keyboard to access the chat).
  5. If done correctly, the following text should appear in your chat:
  6. Next, you will need to create your owner account by entering the command /user add [account name] [password] owner. Do note that your account name does not have to be the same as your username on the server.
  7. If done correctly, you should get the message "Account [account name] has been added to group owner!".
  8. Finally, to login to your server you now need to enter that login information to login using the command /login [account name] [password].
  9. To finish, you should get a message that states "Authenticated as [account name] successfully!"

And that's it! Your server is now setup for you to use! You should remember your account name and password, as you will need to enter it every time you login to your server.

You can now get on with setting up your TShock server as you please. If you need help doing this, refer to TShock's official documentation:

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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