How to Edit Your Public 7 Days To Die Server Details

7 Days to Die features five settings which allow you to change how your server is displayed in the server list.

If you are unsure how to edit your 7 Days to Die server settings, you can check out our guide on this here.


The ServerName property changes the name of the server in both the ingame browser and the steam server viewer. You can set this to whatever you wish.


The ServerDescription property allows you to relay important information about your server easily. When a server is clicked on in the server browser, the description will be the first thing to pop up.


The ServerWebsiteUrl property allows you to add a clickable Website URL link under the server description.


The ServerPassword property allows you to add a password to secure your server, preventing random people from joining. More information on securing your server can be found in our article on how to How to Make Your 7 Days to Die Server Private.


The ServerLoginConfirmationText property allows you to create a message box right before a player loads into the server's world. The player can then decide if they wish to Continue joining the server, or if they'd rather Leave the Server.

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