Restoring Skins on Offline Mode Servers

Restoring skins on Offline Mode Servers


By default, offline mode servers, which can be accessed by cracked / non-premium clients, cannot load players’ skins. This can be fixed by installing the SkinsRestorer plugin to your server.


Installing Skinsrestorer


 1. Access your Multicraft server control panel and navigate to Files -> Plugin List.

 2. In the drop down, select Spigot. Search Skinsrestorer in the search bar and select Skinsrestorer.

3. You should be able to then install this by pressing install. After this is completed, the install option will be replaced by options to disable or remove the plugin.


4. You can now navigate back to your server control panel and restart your server via the restart button. Once your server is back online, you can connect and your player’s skins will now have been restored!



If you’d rather install this plugin manually instead of using our one-click installer, we have a walkthrough for this process here.

Additional functions

SkinsRestorer also allows you to manually change your skins in-game with a variety of commands, including /skin [skinname] to manually set your skin and /skin clear to clear your skin.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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