How to Install Any Feed The Beast (FTB) Modpack

Feed The Beast (FTB) are a group of modpack creators that own some of the most popular modpacks ever created for Minecraft. They provide a wide selection of modpacks that cover all genres.

Note: Before proceeding, please check if our 1-click modpack installer includes the modpack you wish to use. Using our 1-click modpack selector is the fastest and easiest way to mod a Shockbyte Minecraft server.

Download Server Files Using the FTB App

Before you can install the modpack, you are required to download the server files using the FTB App.

  1. Download and open the FTB App.
  2. Click Browse on the left sidebar to search for your modpack.
  3. Type in the search box to locate your modpack.
  4. Click on the modpack to access its main page.

    Note: You can use the system requirements to work out how much RAM your server may need to run the modpack.
  5. Click Versions.
  6. Select the version you wish to use and click the Server files button at the top right.
    1. The latest version of your modpack is displayed by default.
  7. Once selected, your browser will open. Under the Select your Operating System dropdown, select your operating system.
  8. Save the downloaded file.

Download Server Files Using the Feed The Beast Website

An alternative to using the FTB App to gain the server files is to use the FTB website.

  1. Visit the Feed The Beast website and click the Modpacks tab.
  2. Find and open the modpack you wish to install. In this tutorial, we will install FTB Endeavour.
  3. Click on Versions, then below click the operating system you are using next to Server Files.
  4. Save the downloaded file into a new folder on your computer.

Running The Installer and Uploading Server Files

Once the Installer has been downloaded, you are required to run it to retrieve the server files.

  1. Run the installer file you downloaded. A terminal prompt will open.
  2. After Where would you like to install the server?, press Enter on your keyboard to install the files in your current directory. Then, press y, followed by Enter to accept the warning.
  3. Press y followed by Enter again to continue to install the modpack.
  4. Once the installer is finished, it will close to a folder containing the downloaded server files.
  5. Rename the Forge server file from forge-xxxx.jar to custom.jar. The custom.jar will vary depending on the version of Minecraft you will be playing.
  6. Delete the serverinstall_xxxx.exe file and any .bat or .sh files.
  7. Upload the contents of this folder to your server via FTP.
  8. On your control panel, change the Server Type to Custom JAR. We also have a guide on doing this here.

    Note: You may need to select a Custom JAR option with a specific Java version depending on the version of Minecraft being used, please visit this page for more information.

  9. Start your server and enjoy playing your new FTB modpack!

If you wish to add additional mods to your modpack, read our guide on installing Forge mods here.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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