Multicraft User Roles

You can allow a friend or another user to manage your server by adding them as a additional user on the Multicraft control panel: Adding Extra Control Panel Users

When doing this, you can control what permissions you want to give the users by choosing the appropriate user role. 

These roles are for the purpose of giving access to manage a server through the Multicraft panel. This is NOT the same and will not give permission in-game.

Below are the list of available Multicraft user roles and its permissions. These are arranged in an ascending order and each role will include all the permissions available to the roles listed above it.

Unassigned/No access (default)

  • Cannot view or access anything


  • View server status (online/offline)
  • View number of players online


  • Use in-panel server chat
  • View server address, status, and banner
  • See a list of connected players


  • View but cannot use the server console
  • View server backups
  • View or manage server files via FTP depending on the separate FTP access assigned

Super Moderator

  • Start, stop, and restart the server
  • View and send commands on the server console
  • Manage players
  • View and create server backups


  • Fully manage and configure the server
  • Give access to additional users but can only grant Super Moderator role, at most


  • Give Administrator role, at most
  • Grant and/or revoke FTP access to users


  • Give Co-Owner role to a user
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