How to Install Any Minecraft Snapshot

We have a video tutorial for installing any Snapshot version onto your server:


What is a Minecraft Snapshot?

To put it simply, Snapshots are development builds/versions for Minecraft. These not only allow you to have a sneak peek of the upcoming features for Minecraft but also allow for people to test these version and locate any bugs before they these are released.

Important Reminder: Because Snapshots are development builds, these are expected to be very unstable, buggy, and can cause data loss or crashes when used on your server. By using snapshots, you acknowledge that you will be responsible for any issues that may arise due to this. Be sure to regularly create server backups in case of corruption of server files.

Below are the steps on how to install any snapshot version for Minecraft on your server:

    1. It is ideal to install snapshots on a fresh server to ensure that no issues arise once the snapshot is installed. To reset your server, simply stop this and delete all existing server files.

    2. Navigate to the main page of your Multicraft server panel ( and locate the snapshot version you would like to use on your server under the Server Type dropdown list.

      Snapshot - server type


  1. Click Save and then restart your server.

You're done! Your server should now be running the snapshot version of Minecraft that you have selected.


Manually Installing a Snapshot Version

If you are unable to locate the version you like from the option available on the panel. You may create a ticket requesting to have your preferred version be made available on the panel. You may also manually upload your preferred snapshot version on your server.

  1. Navigate to the website called Mc Timemachine ( to download the server jar for your preferred snapshot version. Remember to download the SERVER JAR under or next to the specific version.

    Snapshot - mc timemachine

  2. Upload the jar file you've just downloaded to your server's main directory. We recommend using FileZilla for this:How to use FileZilla for FTP (File Management)

    Snapshot - upload jar

  3. Rename the jar file to custom.jar. Make sure that all the letters are in lower-case.

    Snapshot - rename jar file

  4. On your Multicraft control panel (, go to the Server Type section and select "@ Custom Jar" option.

    Snapshot - custom jar type

  5. Click Save and restart your server.


You're done! Your server should be running the snapshot version you have uploaded to your server.

If you encounter issues with this, you may contact our support team for assistance.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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