How to Add a Whitelist to your Minecraft Bedrock Server

Similarly to Java edition, Minecraft Bedrock servers feature a built-in whitelisting system that allows server owners to determine who can join their server. The Minecraft Bedrock version of a whitelist is called an Allow List, however, it functions very much the same as the Java edition whitelisting system.

Enable and Set Up Bedrock Allow List

To enable the allow list feature, you must first enable it within your server properties, then you must add each username to the allow list through your server console.

  1. Access your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Open Server Settings.
  4. Locate the field allow-list, set this to true. Save the file.
  5. Save and Start your server, then navigate to the Console.
  6. In the command line type allowlist add USERNAME. You can verify the username was added successfully by typing allowlist list.

Congratulations, you now have a working whitelist configured on your Minecraft Bedrock server! For more information regarding whitelisting/allow listing, please refer to this wiki page.

Disable Bedrock Allow List

To disable the allow list feature, you must disable it within your server properties and restart your server.

  1. Access your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Open Server Settings.
  4. Locate the field allow-list, set this to false.
  5. Save and Start your server.

After completing these steps, your server's allow list will be disabled! For more information regarding whitelisting/allow listing, please refer to this wiki page.

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