How to Generate Additional Ports for Plugins

We have a video tutorial on how to generate extra ports:


Some plugins, mods and server tools (e.g. RCON) require its own port to run on. Any 4-digit port between 1024 and 9999 can be used for these. However, there are times when you pick a port that's already in use by another server. This can become inconvenient since you have to reconfigure to use a different port. 

You can easily skip the tedious task of selecting a port that may already be in use through the Additional Ports feature on your Multicraft panel. This allows you to generate a maximum of 3 extra unused ports that you can use.

How to Generate Extra Ports

  1. Log into the Multicraft panel ( If you have more one server, select the server which you want to create additional ports for.

  2. On the left sidebar, navigate to Advanced > Additional Ports.
    Additional Ports - navigate to Additional ports page

  3. On the Additional Ports page, click Add Port. This will generate an unused port for your server.
    Additional Port - Add new port

  4. An unused randomly generated port will be added to the list on the Additional Ports page. 
    Additional Port - generated ports list

That's it! The newly generated port is now ready for you to use for your plugins, mods, etc.

Removing a Port

Because it is still possible to select a random 4-digit port between 1024 and 9999, a port that's generated may later end up being used by another server if you do not make use of this right away. To avoid this from happening, it is recommended to only generate a port when you intend to use this immediately. 

If the port you've previously generated doesn't work or is already in use by another server, you can easily remove this from your Additional Ports list by clicking on the Remove link next to the port.

Additional Port - Remove existing port

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