Troubleshooting: Unable to Connect to FTP

If you are unable to access your server's FTP, this guide will resolve the issue regardless of what's preventing your connection.

Most Common Causes

  • Using the wrong password. You can follow this guide to reset it.
  • Entering the wrong connection details. The FTP connection details (IP, Port, Username) are found on the control panel under Files > FTP File Access.
  • Not accepting the TLS encryption certificate. When logging in, make sure to accept or click OK for the security certificate.
  • Problems with FileZilla. Try an alternate FTP client such as WinSCP or CyberDuck.
  • Firewall/anti-virus block. Temporarily disable your firewall & anti-virus.

Troubleshooting: Accessing FTP via the Web-based File Manager

All of your FTP login information can be found on the server control panel under Files > FTP File Access. On the same page, you can simply enter your server control panel password to access the web-based file manager to manage files directly from the control panel. We have a guide for accessing the Multicraft panel FTP File Access here.

If you're unable to login to FTP from this page, it usually means you're using the wrong password. Your FTP password is the same as your server control panel password (which is different to the client area). First, please try resetting your server control panel password by following this guide.

Once you have reset the password, try logging in again from the Files > FTP File Access page. If you still cannot login, you may have reset the client area password instead of the server control panel password.

Troubleshooting: Accessing FTP via FileZilla

Although you can manage your files via the web-based file manager, we recommend using an external FTP client such as FileZilla. This is also required if you are managing large files. We have a guide for installing and using FileZilla here.

To connect using FileZilla, you will need to enter the login information found on the  Files > FTP File Access page (the same page as the web-based file manager). The most common reason for being unable to connect is entering the wrong details or using the wrong password.

Please note that the FTP Username and FTP IP are different for every server - enter them exactly as they appear on the FTP details page. The username contains a set of numbers at the end. Additionally, make sure there is no space before or after the details you entered.

When connecting to the FTP server, make to accept the TLS security certificate.

If you are still unable to connect with FileZilla and are sure you're entering the correct details, it can sometimes be caused by an issue with FileZilla or a firewall block on your end. In this case, you can try the following steps:

  1. Try a different FTP client instead of FileZilla. For Windows, you can try WinSCP. For Mac, you can try CyberDuck.
  2. If you still cannot connect with an alternate FTP client, the issue is most likely caused by your firewall or anti-virus. Temporarily disable both of these and try again.

If you are still unable to connect, please provide the full FileZilla FTP log and/or any error messages you see to our support team in a support ticket.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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