How to Reset The End on Your Minecraft Server

Whether you’ve explored all of the End Cities or are struggling to find another End Ship, resetting chunks of the End will allow you to re-explore brand new areas! Not only that, you can completely reset the Ender Dragon and fight it multiple times per world.

Why You Cannot Fully Reset the End

In the past, you could reset the End by deleting the DIM1 folder in your World folder. This no longer works as of version 1.9, and doing so will result in a broken End. The reason this occurs is that the End Portal and Crystals only generate on the first portal entry. Thankfully, there is a method to respawn the Ender Dragon in-game and re-generate the islands surrounding the main island.

Respawning the Ender Dragon

Note: Killing a respawned Ender Dragon drops 500 XP rather than 12,000 XP when you first kill it.
  1. Craft four End Crystals.
  2. Place an End Crystal on each side of the End Exit Portal.
  3. The Crystals around the portal will explode once the process is complete.

And that's it! You can now fight the respawned Ender Dragon.

Trimming Chunks in the End

Important Reminder: This is a dangerous function that can damage worlds if used incorrectly. Make sure to create a backup of all your server worlds before proceeding.

We recommend using MCASelector for Vanilla Chunk Trimming, we have a tutorial on how to use MCASelector here. However, if you are using Spigot or Paper server, there are a few plugins you can try such as WorldBorder.

When trimming the End, you will want to avoid trimming any of the Main Island chunks. Removing these chunks could break the End. It is currently impossible to reset the Main Island.

Once you have removed the chunks and uploaded/saved your changes appropriately, you may then load into the End and ensure everything looks good. New chunks should generate outside of the Main Island, and the Main Island should be exactly how you left it.

Now you are able to explore your newly re-generated End!

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