How to Install Fabric Mods on Your Minecraft Server

We have a video tutorial on how to install Fabric to your Minecraft server:


This guide explains how to install mods onto your Fabric server. Fabric, like Forge, is a server type that allows for mods to be run on both the server and the client (your game).

To install Fabric mods, you will need to have Fabric installed onto your server. You can view our tutorial on how to install Fabric here: How to install Fabric onto your Minecraft Server

  1. After you've run your Fabric server for the first time so that all the necessary files can be generated, stop your server.
  2. Download whatever mods you want to install onto your server. These can be found using any sort of mod website, such as CurseForge. For this tutorial, we will be installing the Lithium mod onto our server.
  3. Once you have downloaded the mod JAR files, connect to your server's FTP. This can be done via either the web FTP interface or an FTP client such as FileZilla, however it's best to use FileZilla as some mod files may be too large to upload via the web FTP (click here to read our FileZilla tutorial)
  4. After connecting, you should be able to see a mods folder on your server. If this folder doesn't exist, create it.
  5. Open up your server's mods folder and upload all of the mod JAR files that you downloaded. 
  6. Once all of the mod JAR files have been fully uploaded, start the server. Your server will now load up with the new mods that you installed!

Some Fabric mods will require installation on both the client and the server; you can install the mods onto your client by adding the JAR files into the mods folder located on your PC.

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