How to Install Fabric on Your PC

Learn how to install Fabric on your PC in this tutorial:


If you're running a Fabric server that has mods for both server and client, or if you're looking to improve client-side performance alongside other mods, you'll need to download Fabric onto your client. This isn't required if your server is running server-side only mods such as Lithium, but for client-side mods you'll need to install Fabric locally.

  1. Download the Fabric installer from Similar to Forge, this installer will generate all of the required files for whichever version of Minecraft you select. However, Fabric does not have multiple installers for each version and you can install any version you want via the same installer. This is also the same installer used for installing the server-side files.
  2. Open the Fabric installer, which should automatically have the Client tab selected at the top.
  3. Select the Minecraft version you want to install onto your client. You can also select a version for the Fabric Mod Loader here, although it's normally best left on the latest version unless required by a specific mod.
  4. Ensure that the install location is set to the correct place. The correct location varies per operating system and install, but should look something like one of these depending on your platform:
    • Windows: %AppData%/.minecraft or C:/Users/(username)/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
    • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    • Linux: ~/.minecraft
  5. If you'd like the installer to automatically create a selectable profile within your Minecraft launcher, make sure the Create profile box is checked.
  6. Click the Install button, and your install should complete within a few seconds! After that, click OK and close off the installer.
  7. Open the Minecraft Launcher and the newly created Fabric profile should automatically be selected. Click Play, and your Fabric install will load up.

After the installation is complete, you'll be able to install mods by downloading them from a mod repository such as CurseForge. You can find our guide on how to install Fabric mods on your client here: How to install Fabric Mods on your PC

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