How to Switch Your Minecraft Server to PaperMC/PaperSpigot

Switching your server type to PaperMC is one of the best choices when trying to get the most performance out of your Minecraft server.

The PaperMC project was started to implement many improvements and optimizations to Spigot. It implements many new config options, API improvements, and scripts to enhance a server's performance. PaperMC also features the next version of Timings, allowing server owners to quickly find out what's slowing down their server.

Switching to Paper from Vanilla is incredibly easy. All you have to do is simply set your server type to Paper. 

Despite how easy it is to switch, we highly recommend backing up your server prior to making any large changes to prevent the risk of data loss.

Switching your Server Type to Paper

  1. Stop your Minecraft server.
  2. Open the Server Type option, locate and click on the desired PaperMC / PaperSpigot server version.
  3. Restart your server.

Should you have an existing world on Vanilla that you wish to keep when switching to Paper, you can follow this guide to Convert Your World from Vanilla to Spigot.

If you are trying to resolve lag issues on your server, we advise reading our guides in the Reducing Lag section of our Knowledgebase.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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