How to Install the Crazy Craft (Voids Wrath) Modpack on Your Minecraft Server

This guide will cover the steps you need to follow when trying to install the official Crazy Craft 4.0 Modpack, but this will work for any other Voids Wrath modpack!

Installation Instructions

  1. First check whether the modpack is on our 1-Click Modpack Installer. This will greatly speed up the process and you wouldn’t need to follow the steps below!
  2. Navigate to the Voids Wrath website, and click on the Mod Packs option in the header bar. Alternatively, click here!
  3. Click on the modpack that you wish to wish to install on your server.
  4. Scroll down past the description, and click Download the Server Pack. After which, download the ZIP file to your computer.
  5. Once finished, extract the ZIP file into a folder of its own.
  6. Inside the folder, rename the forge-XXX-universal.jar file to custom.jar.

    Note: In some cases, you will need to run the Forge Installer file first in order to download and install the necessary library files for it. This is usually the case when a folder called "libraries" doesn't exist yet
  7. Delete any .bat or .sh files that you see. These are not required to install the modpack on Shockbyte!
  8. Upload the contents of the folder (not the directory itself) to the base directory of your server via FTP. We recommend using FileZilla to do this! (Related Article: How to use FileZilla for FTP)
  9. On the control panel, set your 'Server Type' to the Custom JAR option as seen in the image below.
  10. Start your server. Now you’re good to go, running Crazy Craft 4.0 or your Voids Wrath modpack of choice!
If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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