How to Fix Corrupted Minecraft Worlds

We have a video tutorial for fixing corrupt worlds:


A world corruption can cause a server to crash, not start at all or prevent a world from loading. If you already have a world backup, we recommend restoring this instead of proceeding with this tutorial, but if not, or if you would prefer to fix your existing world then you can follow the steps below.

  1. On your Multicraft control panel, create a backup of your world. You can do this under Files > Backup.  We have a tutorial for this: How to Manually Backup Your Minecraft Server
  2. Download your world to your computer. Watch our video tutorial for this here: How to Download Your Minecraft Server World
  3. Download Region Fixer zip file from:
  4. Unzip the Region Fixer zip file file.
  5. Open Command Prompt (cmd) if using Windows, or Terminal if using Mac.
  6. In Command Prompt or your Terminal application, enter the directory of the Region Fixer folder you downloaded. The command format is: cd <full directory path>
  7. Run Region Fixer from Command Prompt / Terminal with the command: regionfixer.exe -p 4 --delete-corrupted <full directory path to world folder>
  8. Once this is complete, you're done and can upload your world again via FTP (FileZilla). Remember to delete your previous corrupted world from the server first.
  9. If your issue is not resolved, you can try these additional steps in the world directory in the following order:
    1. Delete the level.dat file, then restart your server to test if your issue is resolved.
    2. Delete the playerdata folder, then restart your server to test if your issue is resolved.
    3. Delete the data folder, then restart your server to test if your issue is resolved.

Another tool that can be used to attempt to recover your world is MCEdit. You can load your world into MCEdit and attempt to delete any chunks that may be corrupt, or areas of the world that are not needed.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, the only other guaranteed solution is to start over with a new world. If you do not need your current world, this is the recommended solution. We have a guide on resetting your world here:

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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