How to Find Your Tribe or Player ID

Finding a tribe or player ID on your ARK: Survival Evolved server is needed for many admin commands to work properly. These IDs are not your Steam ID, but a unique string of numbers assigned to each player and tribe in the game. 

Finding the ID numbers requires the use of in-game admin commands, so you will need to make sure to set a server admin password and enable cheats on your character beforehand.

Finding your Tribe ID

Open the in-game command window by pressing tab, and enter the following command:

setcheatplayer 1 or setcheatplayer true

If entered correctly, the command should open up a special HUD that shows you more in-depth information about your server.

With the HUD enabled, find and look at any structure that belongs to the desired tribe. There will be a Team number towards the bottom of the screen, which is the official ID for that tribe. Be sure to write down this number for future reference.

Finding a Player ID (Method One)

To find a Player ID, run the following command while replacing TribeID with the team number you previously found:

cheat GetTribeIDPlayerList TribeID

This command will show you information about the tribe, the players in it, and all of their player IDs. 

Be sure to copy the player ID before closing the window!

Finding a Player ID (Method Two)

If you experience issues with the first method, you can also follow these steps to find a player ID:

  1. Enter the command showmyadminmanager.
  2. Click the desired player in the central player list.
  3. Select a command from the list on the right and click Execute.
  4. Select Copy player ID and copy the numbers that appear.

You can now use the player ID for admin commands! 

If you’ve just purchased a new ARK server and don’t know where to begin, you can follow our guide on How to Change Your ARK Server Settings.

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