How to Enable Experimental Gameplay on Minecraft Bedrock

Experimental Gameplay is a game option in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that allows the testing of new, unfinished, or work-in-progress features that could later end up being part of the core Minecraft experience. 

Experimental Gameplay is usually enabled upon world creation, but it can also be enabled on pre-existing worlds.

Enabling Experimental Gameplay on a New World

Note: These are features under development and could lead to server crashes.
  1. Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition and click Create New World.
  2. Under Game Settings, scroll down until you see Experiments.
  3. When selecting a feature, click Activate Experiments on the warning prompt.
  4. Make sure to name the world something memorable, as it will help you identify it later.
  5. Stop your server and follow our guide on uploading your world.
  6. Once fully uploaded, Restart your server.

Enabling Experimental Gameplay on an Existing World

Note: Enabling Experimental Gameplay on existing worlds could lead to severe world corruption.
  1. Stop your server and create a server backup.
  2. Follow our guide on downloading and installing your world.
  3. Launch your game and click the edit icon on the relevant world.
  4. Enable one experiment on your world. This will prompt you to create a copy with experiments enabled.
  5. Click Edit on the generated copy of the world.
  6. Enable any additional experiments you would like, then click Play.
  7. Once the world is loaded, simply Save and Quit.
  8. Upload the world to your server.
  9. Restart your server.

Your server will now be up and running with your chosen Experiments. With that done, you can check out our guide on Enabling Cheats to better play around with these new features.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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