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We have a video tutorial on how to change your game server location:


Here at Shockbyte, you can choose the location where you want your server to be hosted from. Our available locations are North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

When choosing your server location, you want to pick the one that's geographically closest to you or your player base (where most of your players are located). You can use our test servers or refer to this guide to help you in picking the best location for you: Which server location should I choose?

If you did not select a preferred location when you placed your order, your server will be created in any of our available locations, usually North America or Europe. You may also have just picked the wrong location which doesn't appear to be the best location for your player base. With Shockbyte, you have the option to change your server location anytime to any of our available locations. Simply follow the instructions provided below:

Important Reminder: Changing your server location will cause for your server address (IP and port) to change.
  1. Login to your Shockbyte client account:

  2. Select Services > My Services on the top menu.
    Change Location - My Services

  3. Select the service you want to change the location. 
    Change location - Select a service

  4. On the left sidebar menu under Actions, select Upgrade/Downgrade Options.
    Change location - Upgrade/Downgrade Options

  5. Under the New Configuration column, select the location you want to transfer your server to.
    Change location - Select new location

  6. After selecting the new preferred location, click the Click to Continue >> button. 
    Change location - Continue with transfer

  7. You will now be directed to the checkout page wherein you can select your payment method and enter a coupon code (if you have one available).

    Changing from North America/Europe (or No Preference) to any of the Asia-Pacific locations (Singapore or Australia) will require for you to pay for a location upgrade since Asia-Pacific locations are priced at $5 USD per 1GB of RAM compared to our North America and Europe locations which are $2.50 USD per 1GB. Transferring between North America and Europe or Singapore and Australia will not cost anything.

    Once you have double-checked everything, click on the Click to Continue >> button once again to place and complete your location transfer order. 
    Change location - place location transfer order

  8. Once you have placed your location transfer order and paid for the invoice (if any), create a ticket so that a Shockbyte staff can manually transfer your server to your preferred location.

    Be sure to indicate on your ticket that you are aware and are okay that your server IP and port will change once transferred

Once your ticket is received, a Shockbyte staff will reply to confirm that the transfer is complete. That's it! You and your players can now enjoy a better connection to your newly relocated server!

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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