Optimizing bukkit.yml to Reduce Lag

NOTE: This article is specifically for Minecraft Java Edition servers, and depends on CraftBukkit, Spigot, or Paper to work.

Nobody likes lag. Thankfully, we have cool Minecraft server software that can optimize the performance of your server. This guide will show you the settings offered by Bukkit that you can take advantage of to optimize your server’s performance.

Below is a list of settings from bukkit.yml and our recommended values for optimal performance in the order of most impact to least impact on performance. For help editing this file, reference our guide on modifying your Bukkit configuration.

You can adjust these options to increase or decrease the number of mobs spawning in your world per player. Take a look at mob-spawn-range in spigot.yml (if you have it) to move mobs closer to the player if you reduce these numbers here. "Ambient" refers to bats. animals: 8
monsters: 50
water-animals: 3
ambient: 1
By reducing this number your server will unload empty chunks faster, allowing more resources to go towards chunks that players are actually in.

Default: 600
Optimized: 400

Instead of trying to spawn mobs with every tick, you can tell the server to spawn in mobs less frequently by increasing this number. Try not to go higher than 4 unless mob spawning causes a lot of lag on your server.

Default: 1
Optimized: 4

If you’re running a Spigot or Paper server, you can further optimize your server with even more options. You can learn more about optimizing Spigot with our guide on optimizing Spigot’s spigot.yml. If you’re running PaperMC, learn more about optimizing Paper with our guide on optimizing Paper’s paper.yml.

Credit to Celebrimbor for their Server Optimizations Guide on SpigotMC.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at: https://shockbyte.com/billing/submitticket.php

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