MalformedJSONException: Resolving JSON Parsing Errors

An invalid .json configuration file can cause your server to crash or plugins/mods to not load. You should never edit a .json file directly, as they have a very specific format and one minor error will cause the entire file to become invalid.


The most common files that cause this issue are the default .json files found in the root directory (default / base directory) on your server files. These files handle your whitelist, player bans and server operators (admins). We recommend deleting these files to solve the issue, but do be aware that this will reset your whitelist, banned players and ops. You can reconfigure these files by running commands in the console (never edit .json files directly).

Files to delete:

  • ops.json
  • whitelist.json
  • banned-players.json
  • banned-ips.json
  • whitelist.json


Example Error Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 1 path $
	at ra.a(SourceFile:506)
	at ra.a(SourceFile:522)
	at pn.g(SourceFile:141)
	at nw.A(SourceFile:99)
	at nw.(SourceFile:25)
	at nx.j(SourceFile:188)
Caused by: Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 1 path $
	at ra.a(SourceFile:504)
	... 7 more
If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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