How to Fix Errors in YAML (.YML) Config Files

We have a video tutorial on fixing YAML (.yml) configuration errors:


When configuring your server settings, plugins or mods you will typically be editing a .yml file. YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) uses the .yml file extension and is very sensitive to syntax and formatting errors. To fix errors in .yml files, you will need to use a YAML Parser. 

  1. Open a YAML parser such as:
  2. Paste your .yml configuration file into the YAML Parser - the file with the error is most likely the file you edited last.
  3. If the output (on the right side) is red, read through it carefully to find out what line your errors are on.
  4. Find the lines with errors in your config file. We recommend using Notepad++, Atom or another text editor that displays line numbers.
  5. Look for any errors on the line with the error, or the lines above and below it (sometimes the error can be as a result of something a few lines earlier in the file).
  6. After fixing the error, paste your file back into the YAML parser to check for more errors.

Common Mistakes in YAML Files

The YAML parser should explain what you need to change to fix the error, but it can be confusing. Below is a list of common mistakes that people make when configuring YAML files.

  • You should be using spaces instead of tabs.
  • When using "strings" (surrounded by single or double quotes) be careful that the quote isn't broken by anything inside the quote marks.
    • In the following example, you can see there is nested quote marks: "Select the "download" button"
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