How to Set the Map on your Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Server

There are a huge variety of maps available for each gamemode on your Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord server. You are required to add or remove these maps in the gamemode settings file of your chosen game mode.

Setting your Gamemodes Map

You can easily add or remove maps to your server's map pool using your Multicraft control panel. You will need to repeat this process for each individual game mode.

  1. Access your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Select the settings file of your active game mode, for this example we will use Captain Settings.
  4. Below GameType Captain enter add_map_to_automated_battle_pool followed by your chosen map's name.
  5. Click Save and Start your server.

Available Maps

Below you can find a list of all game modes and their available maps.

Free For All Maps:

  • mp_tdm_map_001
  • mp_tdm_map_001_spring
  • mp_tdm_map_003
  • mp_tdm_map_004
  • mp_tdm_map_004a
  • mp_tdm_map_004a_w
  • mp_tdm_map_004a_winter

Duel Maps:

  • mp_duel_001
  • mp_duel_mode_map_004
  • mp_duel_mode_map_004_night
  • mp_duel_mode_map_004_w
  • mp_duel_002

Battle Maps:

  • mp_battle_map_001
  • mp_battle_map_002
  • mp_battle_map_003
  • mp_compact

Team Deathmap Maps:

  • mp_tdm_map_004a
  • mp_tdm_map_004a_winter
  • mp_tdm_map_004a_w
  • mp_tdm_map_004
  • mp_tdm_map_003
  • mp_tdm_map_001_spring
  • mp_tdm_map_001

Captain Maps:

  • mp_sergeant_map_001
  • mp_sergeant_map_005
  • mp_sergeant_map_007
  • mp_sergeant_map_008
  • mp_sergeant_map_009
  • mp_sergeant_map_010
  • mp_sergeant_map_011
  • mp_sergeant_map_011_rw
  • mp_sergeant_map_011_rw_winter
  • mp_sergeant_map_011s
  • mp_sergeant_map_012
  • mp_sergeant_map_013
  • mp_sergeant_map_018
  • mp_sergeant_map_018_w
  • mp_sergeant_map_vlandia_01

Siege Maps:

  • mp_siege_map_003
  • mp_siege_map_004
  • mp_siege_map_004_rs
  • mp_siege_map_005
  • mp_siege_map_005_winter
  • mp_siege_map_006
  • mp_siege_map_007_battania
  • mp_siege_map_007_battania_w
  • mp_siege_map_007_winter
  • mp_siege_map_009
  • mp_siege_map_010
  • mp_siege_map_011_b
  • mp_siege_map_012
  • mp_siege_map_012_w

Skirmish Maps:

  • mp_skirmish_map_002_winter
  • mp_skirmish_map_002f
  • mp_skirmish_map_003_skinc
  • mp_skirmish_map_004
  • mp_skirmish_map_005
  • mp_skirmish_map_006
  • mp_skirmish_map_006_nowater
  • mp_skirmish_map_007
  • mp_skirmish_map_007_winter
  • mp_skirmish_map_008
  • mp_skirmish_map_008_skin
  • mp_skirmish_map_009
  • mp_skirmish_map_010
  • mp_skirmish_map_010_winter
  • mp_skirmish_map_013
  • mp_skirmish_map_014
  • mp_skirmish_map_020
  • mp_skirmish_map_battania_02
  • mp_skirmish_map_battania_03

If you would like any additional information or have more questions about configuring your Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord server, you can find our other articles here.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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