How to Install Workshops Mods Locally on your ARMA 3 Client

Arma 3 has Steam Workshop integration which means there is a plethora of free mods available to expand the content available on your Arma 3 server. For steps on how to install mods on your Arma 3 server, please refer to this article.

Some Arma 3 Workshop mods require players to install the mod on their client locally in addition to installing the mod on the server.

Installing Workshop Mods Locally

To install Workshop Mods on your Arma 3 client, you will need to launch your Steam client, navigate to the Arma 3 Workshop, and subscribe to your desired mods.

  1. Navigate to your Steam Library.
  2. Navigate to Arma 3 > Workshop.
  3. Navigate to your desired mod's workshop page, for this example we will be using the BettIR (Legacy) Mod.
  4. Click the Subscribe button to begin the download and installation.

To learn more about Arma 3 server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articleshere.

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