How to Configure your Assetto Corsa Server

Assetto Corsa server management is much more involved than other game servers as many Assetto Corsa servers house coordinated events. Although it's possible to automate much of it, there will still need to be some configurations made in order for that to occur.

Assetto Corsa servers facilitate a large volume of configuration options available for modification. Because of this, this guide will only cover common general server settings.

For more information regarding more specific Assetto Corsa server configurations, please refer to this wiki page.

Accessing your Server Settings

After gaining access to your Web Panel, you can navigate to the Options page.

  1. Access your web panel by following this guide.
  2. On your web panel dashboard, navigate to the Options page.

Configure your Server Settings

Once you have access to your server's common settings, you can make any desired changes. The table below lists all of the available server settings.

In addition to the common settings, more specific niche configuration fields exist on the Options page.

Option Description
Name Sets the name on the server browser list.
Server Password Sets a password to connect to your server.
Admin Password Sets a password for players to use administrative abilities.
Auth Plugin Address Used when setting up an optional auth plugin, like Kissmyrank for example.
Register To Lobby Register the server in the main lobby. You probably shouldn't touch this unless you know what you're doing.
Client Send Interval in Hertz Refresh rate sent by the server. You probably shouldn't touch this unless you know what you're doing.
Kick Quorum Percentage of passing votes required to kick a player.
Voting Quorum Percentage of passing votes required for a session vote to pass.
Vote Duration Sets the duration of a vote on the server.
BlockList mode Method of punishment application toward blocklisted/blacklisted players.

Additional Configuration Articles

Although mainly common settings can be found on the Options page, there are very few limitations to what can be configured or modified on an Assetto Corsa server.

We have additional guides to teach you about more common configuration options in the knowledgebase articles mentioned below.

To learn more about Assetto Corsa server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

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