How to Create and Start Championships on your Assetto Corsa Server

Championships are groups of events where racers will compete for the highest score overall. Shockbyte server owners can use these to host a series of competitive races for their players.

Creating a Championship

Before starting an event server owners will first need to create and configure the event using the Assetto Corsa web panel. There is a range of configurable options available to server owners when creating a championship allowing them to create a well-tuned and unique experience.

  1. Access your web panel by following this guide.
  2. On your web panel dashboard, navigate to Championships > Create New.
  3. Once on the configuration page, enter your desired value for each option. Below is a list of each available field and a short description.

    Option Description
    Championship Name The name shown to players when joining the championship.
    Open Championship An Open Championship allows anyone to join a Championship Event provided that the Championship still has empty entrant slots. As new Entrants join, the Championship Entrant slots will be filled. It is possible to edit the slots (e.g. to assign teams) by using the Edit Championship functionality.
    Override Server Password If enabled then the server password will be ignored for all events in this championship.
    Important Information A description of the event that will be viewable to players. This is usually used to outline championship rules or info players might need to participate.
    Championship Open Graph Image The URL of an image to be shown in any link to this championship.
    Default Tab The default tab shown when the Championship information page is loaded.
    Spectator Car When enabled Spectator Cars are automatically added to the back of the Entry List for each Championship Event, and ignored when calculating Championship Points.
    Sign Up Form When enabled anyone is able to access a Sign-Up form where they can register to be added to the EntryList of a Championship.
    Class Here you are able to name, define the cars used and configure setups for the championships class.
    Points Define the points for finishing in 1st place. Once added, Championship Points cannot be removed.
    Positive/Negative Modifiers Additional points can be given to or removed from drivers for certain actions including the best lap, collisions or cutting track.
  4. Click Finish Creating Championship button.

Starting a Championship

Once you have created a championship, you will need to start it using your Assetto Corsa web panel.

  1. Access your web panel by following this guide.
  2. Navigate to Championships > View Existing.
  3. Select your desired championship.
  4. Click the respective button on the event you'd like to Start, Schedule, or Practice.

To learn more about Assetto Corsa server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles found here.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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