Pomegranate Punch
Energy Drink

Bursting with the refreshing zest of the purest and rarest pomegranate known to man, infused with our special blend of vitamins and minerals to keep you on-the-go. Pomegranate Punch is sure to not just hydrate a thirsty gamer but give you that surge of energy to knock everyone out like a raging punch and claim your victory.

Blueberry Blaze
Energy Drink

Packed with not just one but twelve mystical blueberry species, Blueberry Blaze grants abilities beyond your wildest dreams. Once only known from legends of the past, Shockbyte’s rediscovery of the twelve elusive blueberry species will empower you with magic, enabling control over mind and matter. These ancient species of blueberries will heighten your senses and enable point-to-point teleportation across the earth.

Citrus Cyclone
Energy Drink

A whirlwind of lemon, lime, and orange flavours in a single can. How is that possible? We’ve located the exotic cyclone of citrus and found a way to harness its power. Drinking Citrus Cyclone may give you superhuman abilities such as the ability to convert written words into images in your mind.

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