How to: Upgrade or downgrade your service

We have a video tutorial available which explains the process:

It is possible to upgrade or downgrade your service at any time. This process takes just a few easy steps and will automatically upgrade your server once the steps are completed. There won't be any file loss or IP changes when upgrading your service - your server will simply be adjusted to the new plan you select.

1. Login to the client area at 

2. Select 'Services' under the navigation bar, and then 'My Services'.

Minecraft Services Select

Select the service you wish to upgrade or downgrde.

Minecraft Active Server

 Select 'Upgrade' under the service details, or 'Upgrade/Downgrade' on the left sidebar.

5. Select the new plan you wish to change your server to and place the upgrade order. The price will be the value of the remaining days in your plan (the prorated amount).

6. Make a payment for the invoice that is generated under your account. Your server will be upgraded immediately after your payment is received.

Important Note: If your next renewal invoice has already been generated, you will need to pay this before making any changes to your server package. This doesn't mean you will be paying any extra - our system will only require you to pay the prorated amount when upgrading and will also provide an automatic prorated refund of the extra amount you've paid if downgrading.

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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