How to Upload or Download a Save From Your Satisfactory Server

If you already have an existing Satisfactory single-player world, you can upload this to your server to allow your friends to join. You can also download a world from the server to continue playing in your single-player game.

In this guide, you will need both the Session Name and File Name of a save. Each Session Name (e.g. ‘My New Satisfactory Game’) can contain multiple save files. Each save file will be listed within the session by its File Name (e.g. 'Save 1').

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This section only needs to be followed if you are uploading a downloaded savegame. If you already have the world’s .sav file in single player, you can skip this step.

  1. Download the .sav file you would like to use.
  2. Go to the Satisfactory Save Games folder on your computer.
    1. On Windows, press WINDOWS + R and then enter %appdata%\..\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames.
    2. On Linux, navigate to ~/.config/Epic/FactoryGame/Saved/SaveGames.
  3. Move the downloaded .sav save file within one of the subfolders.

Uploading the save to your server

  1. Open the menu by pressing Escape.
  2. Click Server Managerselect your server, and click Manage Saves.
  3. Click Upload Save, select which session and save you would like to upload, and click Upload Game.
  4. You can now load the world using our How to Save or Load a Save guide.

Downloading a Save From Your Server

Downloading the save from your server

  1. Open the Multicraft FTP Client (Files > FTP File Access) or a FTP client such as FileZilla.
  2. Navigate to /.config/Epic/FactoryGame/Saved/SaveGames/server.

    Note: Some FTP clients may not show the .config folder by default. Either copy and paste the file path, or use the Multicraft FTP client.
  3. Download the .sav save file from the server to your computer.

Importing the save to your single-player game

  1. Go to the Satisfactory Save Games folder on your computer.
    1. On Windows, press WINDOWS + R and then enter %appdata%\..\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames.
    2. On Linux, navigate to ~/.config/Epic/FactoryGame/Saved/SaveGames.
  2. Copy the .sav save file to the subfolder with the number name.
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