All Console Commands of Your Satisfactory Server

To get started with using console commands, you will need to open the console via the tilde key <code>`</code>. For more information on accessing the console, check out this article.

Basic In-Game Help

In the Satisfactory console simply type ? without pressing Enter. This will pull up a large list of commands with a short description. You can navigate this menu via the up and down arrow keys.

We do not recommend trying to find the desired command via this method as there are over 3000 matches.

General Commands

Command Description
Stat FPS Toggles the FPS counter on the right side of the screen.
t.MaxFPS <VAL> Sets the max FPS, when set to 0, it will have no cap.
ToggleDebugOverlay Toggles a utility screen to see a large amount of in-game information such as position, playtime, and world time.
Suicide Forces a player respawn, which is useful when stuck.

Graphical Commands

Command Description
r.ViewDistanceScale <SCALE> Changes the render distance scale at which objects such as grass, rocks, and trees are visible. By default, it is set to 1.
r.Atmosphere <0/1> Toggles atmosphere on or off.
r.Fog <0/1> Toggles fog on or off.
r.ScreenPercentage <VAL> Changes the screen resolution scale. By default, it is set to 100.
*Note: This only affects the world rendering, not the UI.
FOV <Val> Used to change the field of view (FOV).
Gamma <VAL> Sets the brightness level.
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