How to Change the Prospect on your Icarus Server

After playing your Icarus server, you may decide that you'd like to start a new Prospect or return to a previously played Prospect. Fortunately, you can change your current Prospect by adjusting some settings in the ServerSettings.ini file.

Note: Changing your active Icarus Prospect requires Admin Permissions. If you have not yet given yourself Admin Permissions, please follow this guide.

Changing to a Previous Prospect

Although by default anyone can create a new prospect or load a new prospect, it requires Admin Permissions to unload a Prospect in progress.

  1. In-game, open chat by pressing the Enter key.
  2. Enter the command /ReturnToLobby. After sending this command, you may need to reconnect.
  3. In the lobby, click Load.

  4. Select your desired Prospect and Click Resume Prospect, or it might say Join Prospect if you weren't previously involved in the selected Prospect.

After your server loads, your newly configured Prospect should be loaded from its last save.

To learn more about Icarus server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

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