How to Use Admin Commands on your Icarus Server

There are a range of useful commands available to Icarus server administrators such as kicking/banning players, returning the game to the lobby, sending an announcement & a few more.

Note: In order to use admin commands you will need to be connected as an Administrator.

Icarus Admin Commands

Below is a full list of the currently available Icarus server admin commands. 

Command Description
/AdminLogin (Password) Log in with admin permissions using the admin password defined in your file.
/KickPlayer (Steam ID or Player Name) [Reason] Kick the specified player from the current Prospect. The kicked player will be unable to rejoin until a new Prospect begins.
/BanPlayer (Steam ID or Player Name) [Reason] Ban the specified player from the server. This can only be undone using the /UnbanPlayer command.
/UnbanPlayer (Steam ID or Player Name) Unban the specified player if they were banned.
/ReturnToLobby Return to the server lobby/Prospect select.
/ReturnToLobbyWhenEmpty Automatically return to the server lobby/Prospect select when there are no players online.
/AdminSay Broadcast a message to all online players.
/Help Shows a list of available admin commands.

To learn more about Icarus server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

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