How to Install the ISMC Mod on your Insurgency Sandstorm Server

The ISMC mod adds a wide range of content to Insurgency: Sandstorm, including weapons, attachments, cosmetics, new factions, and more. When installed on your server, players will automatically download the ISMC mod to their game client upon joining.

Important: In order to install mods you're required to have a Token. If this is your first time installing a mod you will need to complete the first section of this article before proceeding.

Installing ISMCmod

To install ISMCmod you will need to enter its resource ID in the mod list field of your servers Insurgency Sandstorm Server Settings.

  1. Access your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Click Insurgency Sandstorm Server Settings.
  4. Enter 150867 (ISMCmod's Resource ID) in the Mod List field. If you have other mods installed, ensure that they are separated by commas.
  5. Locate the Scenario Mutators field and enter your desired mode. You can use one of the following:
    • ISMCarmory_Legacy -  ISMC guns and NWI cosmetics. Three player classes; blufor, redfor and team leader, with access to both western and eastern weaponry. Has vanilla enemy bots on each side.
    • ISMC_Casual - ISMC guns and ISMC cosmetics. Security maps have you playing as “BluFor” with an AR-based set of weapons. Insurgent maps have you playing as “RedFor” with an AK-based set of weapons. Contains all classes, Team Leader, Gunner, Breacher, Marksman, Demolitions and Advisor, and has unlimited class slots. Blufor/Redfor enemy bots.
    • ISMC_Hardcore - Same as ISMC_Casual. Has limited class slots (1 Team Leader, 2 for other classes). 11 Players.
    • ISMC_Karmacore - Same as ISMC_Hardcore. Has one slot per class. Coordinate or die. 5 players.
  6. Save the file.

Enabling ISMCmod

In order for all of ISMC's features to be enabled you need to add the relevant settings to your server's Game.ini file.

  1. Access your control panel.
  2. Navigate to Files > FTP File Access and login using your Multicraft password.
  3. Navigate to /Insurgency/Saved/Config/LinuxServer.
  4. Locate Game.ini and click Edit.
  5. Paste one of the following (depending on the mutator selected in the previous section) at the bottom of the Game.ini file:
  6. Save and Start your server.

To learn more about Insurgency: Sandstorm server hosting you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

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