How to Configure the Campaign on your Barotrauma Server

Campaign configurations offer various settings such as initial funds, supplies, difficulty, and more. While these settings come with default values, server owners have the flexibility to customize them according to their preferences.

Campaign Settings

Your campaign's settings can be selected on the lobby screen of your server.

  1. Join your server and select Campaign.
  2. Enter a Save Name and select a Preset.
  3. Make any required changes to the default settings.
  4. Click Start.

Configuring Campaign Defaults

It is also possible to configure the default settings for campaigns in the Barotrauma Campaign Settings section of your server's control panel.

  1. Access your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Click Barotrauma Campaign Settings.
  4. This file allows you to modify the default settings for three campaigns. Here's a list of available options along with brief descriptions:
    Option Description
    StartingBalanceAmount Defines the amount of starting money given to players.
    ExtraEventManagerDifficulty The frequency and difficulty of random events.
    LevelDifficultyMultiplier Difficulty setting affects how the level is generated. On higher difficulty levels there are more environmental hazards, larger numbers of creatures and more dangerous enemies.
    presetname The name of the campaign settings preset.
    TutorialEnabled Whether or not the tutorial is shown to players.
    RadiationEnabled Disables or enables Jovian Radiation.
    Difficulty The difficulty of the preset as defined in the LevelDifficultyMultiplier option at the start of the file.
  5. Save and Start your server.

To learn more about Barotrauma server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

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