Palworld Server Known Issues & Common Fixes

As Palworld is an early access game, there are a handful of common issues that affect many players and server owners.

This guide will briefly summarize some of these issues, provide important context, and hopefully give you a solution to any problem you may experience with your Palworld server. Keep in mind that most of these problems will be fixed by the developers over time, so please keep an eye on their socials, like their Discord server, for patch notes and news.

Palworld Server Lag and Memory Leaks

Server lag on Palworld dedicated servers is not uncommon currently, and is a known issue by the developers. Its caused due to poor CPU and memory usage optimizations, which is to be expected from an early access game. Keep in mind these optimizations errors are likely to be patched out of the game with each update in the near future.

If you find that your server is lagging and/or affected by a memory leak, there are a few options available to you:

  • Restart your server regularly - Due to memory leaks in early versions of the game, your server will continue to increase in memory usage regardless of the activity occurring in-game. As such, regularly restarting your server, especially when you begin to notice lag, will make sure your game is running efficiently more often.
  • Upgrade your server specifications - The Grizzbolt plan offers RAM and CPU upgrade packages, which will allocate more resources to your server. Although this is an option, keep in mind it is not a permanent solution. Due to memory leaks, the server will eventually run out of usable RAM regardless. You can also upgrade your CPU priority to ensure your server more often has sufficient CPU resources during strenuous tasks.
  • Contact our support team - Sometimes the node your server is running on may just be high on resource usage, and a simple node transfer may help alleviate server lag, or maybe one of our support operators might notice a potential reason why your server is lagging which is not listed here. If you would like, you can always reach out to our support team for assistance.

Server Not Found on Server List

Another common problem many Palworld players experience, is the inability to locate their desired server on the in-game server list. Unfortunately, the server list has poor filtering options, and only shows 200 entries at a time. This makes it extremely difficult to locate your server on the in-game server list.

It's for this reason why we highly recommend you disregard the server list entirely until it is fixed in a future updated, and instead direct connect to your Palworld server. You can find steps on how to direct connect to your server in the following article:

Connecting to Password Protected Servers

The only way to make your Palworld server private is by adding a password. After adding a password to your server, players will not be able to join the server without first enabling the "Enter password" checkbox. If you attempt to connect to a private server without first clicking the "Enter password" box you will be immediately disconnected with a message that says "No password has been entered".

For steps on how to connect to your server, even with a password configured, please refer to the following article:

Character Data Wipes When Transferred

If you upload a local hosted world to your server, the host character's data will be completely wiped as the dedicated server itself will assume the role of the host character. Unfortunately, there is no known fix for this problem without getting very technical with player files.

  • Store the host player's items in the world - As a result of this issue, we recommend you store as much of the host players items, Pals, and equipment into world storage before uploading it to your server, so that at least those can be transferred. That being said, the host player's experience and technology advancements will be lost.

Slow Server Order Activation

Due to the extreme popularity of Palworld and Palworld server hosting, we have been experiencing a large volume of orders at once which has slightly backed up our stock and ordering systems. As a result you may experience slower activation times after ordering a server, however, this issue is being worked on around the clock currently and is expected to be resolved within the very near future.

We sincerely appreciate your patience during the order activation stage, if you have any questions about your order, feel free to reach out to our support team. Please keep in mind though, that support operators may not be able to expedite this process for you as the majority of the system is automated.

Status Page and Additional Resources

For more updates and to view the live status of our Palworld server services, known issues, and other announcements, feel free to refer to the Shockbyte Palworld Status Page.

You may also find answers to many commonly asked questions on this official Palworld FAQ google document, or within the Palworld Community Discord Server.

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To learn more about Palworld Server Hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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