How to Change Your Minecraft Skin

Changing your Minecraft skin is a fun way to breath a little life into your Minecraft experience and give your character a personal touch, and it's super easy to do!

Are you still looking for a Minecraft skin that suits you? Check out our list of the best skins around, with over 150 awesome Minecraft skins to choose from!

Note: This guide is for Minecraft Java Edition players, Bedrock/Pocket Edition players are able to change their skin through their game menus.

How to Change Your Minecraft Skin

  1. Find the Minecraft skin you want to have and save the image to your PC. You can use lots of websites to find already made skins, or you can make your own. In this example, we're using the Spyro skin listed in our 'Best Minecraft Skins' blog post.
  2. Once you have the skin downloaded, head to and sign in using your Mojang email and password.

  3. As soon as you've signed in, you should see this screen. Click on 'Skin'
  4. Upload the skin image you downloaded in step 1 then select the model size, either 'classic' or 'slim' - you can tell which it is usually just by looking at the skin, but the website you download your skin from should also tell you which model the skin is.
  5. Press the big green 'UPLOAD' button and that's it, you have your new Minecraft skin set up on your account. Load up the game and check it out!
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