How to Install and Configure EssentialsX on Your Minecraft Server

EssentialsX is an up-to-date plugin for Spigot/Bukkit (as of 1.18.1) that offers hundreds of new in-game commands that you can use to add new features such as economies, kits, warps, and so much more!

This guide will help you with the installation and configuration of EssentialsX. It will also go over some of its basic features and commands.


To install EssentialsX, please follow these steps:

  1. Stop your server by pressing the red 'Stop' button on your Multicraft homepage
  2. Navigate to Files > Plugin List
  3. Change the source to Bukkit and enter 'EssentialsX' in the search box
  4. Press 'Install'
  5. Start up your server by using the green 'Start' button on your Multicraft homepage

Your plugin has now been successfully installed!


EssentialsX starts running on your server right away, and all of its features should be immediately available. For the majority of users, it is OK to leave the settings as default.

However, EssentialsX is extremely configurable and you can adjust nearly every setting to your liking.

In order to access and edit the EssentialsX configuration file, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your server by pressing the red 'Stop' button on your Multicraft home page
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files
  3. Select the Essentials config.yml file

From this page, you can edit your server settings to suit your personal needs. For more information, you can visit the plugin's page here


There are quite a few features that EssentialsX offers, so using the plugin might seen intimidating at first! Here are a few common features, commands, and add-ons to EssentialsX that might help get you started:


EssentialsX offers a wide variety of features that can significantly alter your gameplay experience! Here are just a few:

  • Moderation tools - kick, mute, jail, or temporarily ban players
  • Warps - allow players or admins to teleport to predefined locations
  • Kits - allow players to claim predefined equipment and inventory items
  • Economy - currency, sign-shops, and commands costs
  • Player nicknames


EssentialsX comes with other 100 new commands, but there are a handful of common commands that will help you make the most of your gameplay experience:

  • /gc - view memory usage and ticks per second for your Minecraft server
  • /tpa <player> - request to be teleported to another player
  • /warp <name> - teleport to a new location with /setwarp <name>
  • /msg <player> - send a private message to another player
  • /socialspy - see private messages of other players
  • /invsee - see the inventory of another player
  • /broadcast <message> - send a message to all players on the server
  • /createkit <kitname> - create a kit with the contents of your inventory
  • /togglejail <player> - send or release a player from jail

You can find a full list of EssentialsX commands here.

Add-on Plugins

EssentialsX has multiple add-on plugins to add even more features such as chat colors, world protection, and spawn points. We recommend using the following add-on plugins:

  • EssentialsX Chat - customize chat for all players or per group (users with ranks), such as adding colors and prefixes
  • EssentialsX Spawn - set the server spawn: the place where players appear when they join the server, as well as the place they respawn when they die
  • EssentialsX Protect - enforce rules to protect your world
If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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