How to Use Buycraft / Tebex on Your Server (Monetisation)

Tebex, formerly known as Buycraft, is the primary webstore application used across thousands of servers to make money by selling various in-game perks such as donator ranks or cosmetic items. This guide will show you how to get your server set up with Tebex and make your first package.

Initial Setup

  1. Go to Tebex's website, which you can find here:

    While Tebex has support for many games, including ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust, we will be using Minecraft: Java Edition as our example.
  2. Enter your email address in the shown box and click Create My Webstore to begin the account creation process.

  3. Finish entering the rest of your details on the form, such as your name and password, then click Create Account to continue.

  4. Select the game you wish to link to your webstore. As mentioned previously, we will be using Minecraft: Java Edition for our example. After selecting your game of choice, click Continue.

  5. Confirm your selection, then enter your server's name and select the currency you wish to receive payments in. After that, click Continue again.

  6. Choose your linking method of choice. For this guide, we'll be using the Game Server Plugin option as it's the most supported and will grant command access to your store on your server. Then, click Continue again.
  7. Setup the plugin or mod for whatever version your server is running. This will vary depending on your game and linking method, so follow the instructions provided by Tebex and click Continue Setup Process after successfully linking your server. For a guide on installing the Buycraft plugin, you can read our tutorial on installing plugins here: How to Install Plugins on Your Minecraft Server

  8. After successfully linking your server, you will be sent to the main setup page where you can perform various tasks such as uploading a store logo.

Creating Your First Item

  1. Open the Webstore tab on the side-bar, then select Packages.
  2. Tebex automatically provides you with an Example Package, used for testing and demonstration. For this example, we'll be creating a new package, so click the Add New button in the top-right and select Package.
  3. Click the Create button under the Game Package section; the Game Package section is for selling on-server items, whereas the Downloadable Package section is for selling content that the buyer can download.
  4. After creating the new package, the full item editing display will be shown. This is the area where you can edit the item's details, such as:
    • Name: This is the item's name to be shown both on-store and in-game. This should be something short and descriptive, such as VIP Ticket.
    • Description: This is a longer description of the item, normally containing details about what it gives you or what the item does. For example, the description for a donator rank could contain the perks of the donator rank, such as access to specific cosmetics.
    • Price: This is the price of the item in the currency that you chose for your store. 
    • Purchase Type: This defines whether or not the purchase is a one-time payment or a recurring payment (subscription).
    • Category: Tebex allows you to create categories for your store that can be used to sort and order specific types of items; this defines what category the new item will go into.
    • Global Limit: This allows you to set a limit on how many times the item can be purchased in total.
    • User Limit: This allows you to set a limit on how many times the item can be purchased by each user.
    • Servers: These are the servers that your items will apply to. This can be useful for having different items per server, or for having items (such as ranks) that work across multiple servers on your network (if applicable)

  5. After configuring the new package, click Create and your item will be published! Players on your server will be able to open the Buycraft shop by running /buy, then access the item via the correct category.
  6. After publishing the package, a new Commands section will appear in the editing screen. Click the package you just made to access the newly made section.
  7. In the new Commands section, click the Add Command button to create a new command. Then, choose the event (e.g. When a player purchases this package) and type the command you want to run on the right box. For this example, we will be sending a say command to thank the player for purchasing the item.
  8. Click Update Package to confirm the changes, and your command will be saved! The command you entered will be run when the event you chose happens.

For more information on Tebex setup, including some of the more complex features of package creation such as Expiry Commands, you can find the Tebex documentation here:

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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