Plugins directory won't generate: mkdir(): No such file or directory

If the plugins directory won't generate, it can mean plugins either won't be loaded or could prevent the server from starting entirely. This error is quite rare, as it typically requires a very uncommon user error to occur.

This usually occurs if a regular file has been created named "plugins" - meaning: rather than existing as a directory (a folder), it already exists as a text file of the same name.

To solve this issue, you would just need to connect via FTP and delete the file named "plugins" so that it can be regenerated as a directory.

Example Server Log

[Server] Server thread/CRITICAL ErrorException: "mkdir(): No such file or directory" (EXCEPTION) in "src/pocketmine/Server" at line 1432
[Server] Server thread/DEBUG #0 (): pocketmine\{closure}(integer 2, string mkdir(): No such file or directory, string phar:///pmmp_65_1.2.phar/src/pocketmine/Server.php, integer 1432, array Array())
[Server] Server thread/DEBUG #1 src/pocketmine/Server(1432): mkdir(string /plugins/, integer 511)
[Server] Server thread/DEBUG #2 src/pocketmine/PocketMine(553): pocketmine\Server->__construct(BaseClassLoader object, pocketmine\utils\MainLogger object, string phar:///pmmp_65_1.2.phar/, string /, string /plugins/)
[Server] Server thread/DEBUG #3 /pmmp_65_1.2.phar(1): require(string phar:///pmmp_65_1.2.phar/src/pocketmine/PocketMine.php)
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Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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