How to Get a Steam Web API Key for Your CS:GO Server

In order to use Workshop maps on your CS:GO server, you will need to provide a Steam Web API Token. This is used to look up the map and download it to your server.

Getting your Steam Web API Token

To create a Steam Web API Token you will need to log into the Steam Community website and create a new API key registration.

Note: You do not need to use a valid domain for this process.
  1. Navigate to the Steam API Key Registration website and Sign In.
  2. Add a Domain Name, agree to the terms and click Register.
  3. Copy the generated Key.

Configuring Steam Web API Token

After generating a new Steam Web API Token you will need to add it to your server's config file.

  1. Access your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Click CSGO Server Settings.
  4. Enter your Key in the Steam web API-key field.
  5. Save and Start your server.

To learn more about CS:GO server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

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